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The Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time, the beautiful princess was born to the King and Queen who longed for the child.
The king held a grand banquet in joy and all the people were invited.
The Thirteen Wizards, also known as the Great Guardians of the Kingdom, were treated as honored guests.
One by one, they blessed the baby princess who one day will grow as beautiful lady.
When the 13th Wizard, the greatest and most elegant of all, came, he tripped on his cloak as long as his pride and tumbled ridiculously.

Humiliated and shamed, the 13th Wizard suddenly cursed the princess, that she will die when pricked by the spindle of the spinning wheel.
Then he disappeared into the air, leaving an awkward silence to the crowd.

The king ordered to get rid of all spindles and spinning wheel from his kingdom.
The question of Tom the Miller, that whether his waterwheel is spinning wheel or not, was ignored.
But there's an old saying that the prophecy is fulfilled by the attempt to stop it.
Just like the Story of Elfride the Hunchback and the Tap-Dancing Cauldron Lid.

In the day the princess became an adult, the 13th Wizard appeared and stabbed her with spindles.
That's how his prophecy was fulfilled so wonderfully.
The King found them and burned the Wizard into ashes by his blue flame of wrath.
Oh, I didn't tell you that the King was the wizard too.
The King changed his daughter's death into permanent sleep with his powerful magic.
The Sleeping Beauty fell into the endless dream.